Nuevo Laredo Travel Guide

Nuevo Laredo Nuevo Laredo is considered to be the largest inland port for foreign trade in Latin America because of its strategic geographical position on the Mexico-US border. The city is connected to Laredo, Texas and has grown and specialized in foreign trade. Nuevo Laredo now features a variety of hotel chains, restaurants, tourist attractions and a marvelous Cultural Center where important events take place, such as the Tamaulipas International Festival.

Nuevo Laredo Travel In this burgeoning gateway to Mexico, you will find everything related to Mexico's picturesque culture, including traditional plazas, parks, historic monuments and typical markets that sell Mexican handicrafts, costumes, pinatas, jewelry, and regional candy.

The city's industrial and economic growth has promoted a more intense cultural lifestyle that includes expositions, book fairs, and a myriad of activities in museums and theaters. Nuevo Laredo features gorgeous architecture, a great variety of places of interest, and excellent restaurants, thus being a city everyone can visit for business, pleasure, or both. Nuevo Laredo is now proudly open to changes but still maintains strong roots to its Mexican identity.